Smart E-Cigarettes and Their Security Risks


These days, almost every household item uses electronic connections, ranging from smartphones and fridges to television sets and radios. Bargain E-Juice says that smoking cigarettes has also been upgraded to become technologically advanced, and the trend began in the early 2000s.

This is referred to as vaping. This new smoking method has started many discussions on its effects on one’s health. This is because it has been proven it causes heart diseases and cancer.

Smart e-cigarettes have also been known to explode and cause fires when they are connected to a charger. On the positive side, this smoking method has been known to reduce smoking rates, and it has been evident in Europe with a bit of help from vaping.

Nevertheless, there are some security risks associated with e-cigarettes, particularly smart e-cigarettes. Learn more to find out what they are.

How Smart E-Cigarettes Function

An e-cigarette usually looks like a pen and maybe two types’ mainly refillable tank style and cartridge style.

Smart e-cigarettes contain a liquid that is heated until vapor is formed. The consumer can quickly inhale the vapor. The liquid contains nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and some flavorings.

It can be charged by electricity by connecting it to a nearby source of power. It sometimes comes with a USB cable that one can use to connect to the computer.

Smart e-cigarettes also have algorithms that track down the levels of a person’s consumption and mix flavors; hence it is fully personalized.

Security Risks

Some of the security risks associated with smart e-cigarette smoking include the following;

Allows Transmission of Stored Data

Smart e-cigarettes have easy-to-operate software and hardware. Since they are technologically active, communication may be initiated by software between two e-cigarettes.

Thus, it may allow data transmission from one to another, especially concerning smoking products and intervals of each consumer.

Malware Can Corrupt the Software

When the software of smart e-cigarettes has been infiltrated, it results in plenty of security issues such as deleting stored data and malware attacks.

Once the software of the e-cigarette has been compromised, hackers may use it to steal information from other devices such as computers.

Communication May Be Initiated by the Software

When smart e-cigarettes are connected to USB ports, they may communicate with one another. Through this communication process, they may be authorized to steal information about the consumer’s ingredients or even open up cameras o electronic devices such as phones and laptops.

Avoiding Security Risks of Smart E-Cigarettes

Although it is not easy to mitigate security risks, below are some of the things to consider to avoid security risks;

Select a trustworthy e-cigarette dealer who can certify that the product doesn’t have any security-related issues.

Disable all tracking functions and data immediately after purchasing the product to avoid being tracked or hacked.

Ensure the terms and conditions of the privacy policy are read and understood correctly before installing software to laptops or mobile phones.

Avoid using alternative smart e-cigarette chargers when charging it and only use the recommended one.

Use the USB condoms to prevent the exchange of data between the e-cigarette and other electronic devices.

Ensure that the battery can be removed while charging the smart e-cigarette.


Despite security issues related to the product, vaping experience is enhanced depending on the consumers’ needs. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand smart e-cigarettes, particularly in the context of security risks.

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