Montreal Security Services offers integrated guarding solutions for all your security needs. Whether you own a school, construction site, mall, or retail store, we have you covered.

Construction Site Security

One of the major problems faced by the construction industry is theft and vandalism. We will ensure that your construction site, materials, tools, and equipment are safe from the time to begin your project up to the end. Our Remote Monitoring specialists will monitor your construction site at all times. In case of any security threat, we will take the appropriate steps to safeguard your site by dispatching a relevant mobile patrol.

Distribution/ Logistics Security

We deliver logistics security solutions that are customized to expose any security breaches and to reduce damage and theft. Our logistics security service is always comprehensive, professional, and reliable. We will also help you deal with the threats to the supply chain of your facility by conducting reliable security audits.

Our guards will protect your facilities from theft cases or fire while at the warehouse. We are always ready and available whenever you need our services.

Healthcare and Education Security

If your learning institution faces security-related challenges, then we are the best solution for that. We provide security to learning institutions ranging from schools up to Universities. Students require reliable services and a flexible control system because of their high numbers.

We have trained security guards who will offer rapid response whenever there is an alarm. We will cooperate with the administration to provide the best security services to students, staff, workers, and facilities.

Entertainment Security

We provide a wide range of security services for movie production and TV companies, sporting events, casinos, and other entertainment industry venues. Our guards are well trained to handle and interact with the public in a manner that is professional and friendly. For the entertainment industry, we include event security management, security guards, crowd control, parking control, and access control services.

Financial Services Security

Our company provides reliable financial services security to financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies. Some of the services that are offered are executive protection, special event security services, commercial buildings guard services, mobile patrol services, and security consultations.