About Us

We are a company offering various security services. Our employees are highly professional with various distinctive skills and perspectives. We are united through our common goal, which is to safeguard our clients’ property and people. You can join our team if you possess our values that include Vigilance, Integrity, and Helpfulness.

Our Mission

Here at Montreal Security Services, our mission is to safeguard workplaces, homes, and communities by providing the needed security services. We help protect people and their premises and assets.

Our Values

The company’s core values are Vigilance, Integrity, and Helpfulness. These core values have helped us enhance our trust between our employees and the customers.

1. Vigilance

Our employees are always attentive and will often notice things that cannot be noticed easily by others.

2. Integrity

Montreal Security Services employees are trusted by our clients to safeguard their valuables and premises. We have an open forum for our employees and customers to share information and air their opinions.

3. Helpfulness

We are always ready to intervene and help in any given incident.

We are always ready to serve our customers. For job inquiries, visit our careers page to apply and be part of our team.

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