On-site Guarding Services

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we provide the right On-site Guarding services you need for your business with the efficiency and ease that you want. We use a proprietary technology that enhances our guards’ effectiveness.

We have highly qualified security guards who are trained to serve the specific requirements of our customers and will protect your assets, property, residents, and staff. Our highly professional guards and employees are always available for your aid.

We offer the following On-site Guarding services to our customers:

  • Emergency Response– Our highly trained guards are always ready whenever you have an emergency. We respond to all issues whether a community safety threat or a natural disaster.
  • Security Consulting– We offer security consulting services whenever you have a security-related concern.
  • Fire and Life Safety– We offer Fire and Life Safety services to our clients.
  • Security Guards on-Premises– Our guards will safeguard your premises and assets.
  • Management and Operation of Security System
  • Control of Traffic Services
  • Access Control Services
  • Prevention of Loss
  • Concierge and Reception
  • Patrol and Inspection services

We also offer flexible security services for temporary events such as conferences, seminars, construction sites, exhibitions and fairs, cultural and sporting events, labor disputes, and retail locations.

Additionally, Montreal Security Services has a Post Management System that ensures our clients are updated on all activities concerning their site and the posts. This system gives our clients access to incident reporting, daily activity reports, electronic post orders, and the alert function whenever there is an emergency. Besides, we have the Incident Alert System that is used by our Security Guards.