How to Remain Calm and Work Under Pressure as a Security Guard

Being a security guard takes a lot of training, dedication, and patience. However, there are times when you might be under a lot of pressure from work and feel a strong urge to break down.

These are some of the ways to keep calm under pressure if you’re a security guard:

Take a Deep Breath and Visualize

Visualization is an excellent way of putting the mind and body at ease. It helps clear your mind of distracting thoughts and allows you to focus quickly. Visualizing helps give you an insight into what to expect and plan your course of action. Tap into the power of your imagination, and you’d discover that you’ll be able to remain calm and manage pressure from work when faced with one.

Access the Situation Carefully

Whatever the challenge you face in your job as a security guard, you always have to access it critically and from every point of view. Weigh the situation, and create a list of options to help handle the situation you’re going through. That way, you can always remain calm and unbothered under pressure during work hours.

Develop a Plan

In line with the second point, you must have a plan ready for whatever situation you might find yourself in. As a security guard, you never know when a crisis or security situation might arise, and you need to act spontaneously.

Create a list of plans for all emergencies so that when you are faced with such emergencies, you don’t panic and make a mistake that might be dangerous to all involved.

Deal With the Problem the Right Way

As a security guard, you’d be faced with rude, drunk, and even racist individuals where you work. Rather than react in the spur of the moment, think of your contingency plans and execute them exactly how you’ve planned for that situation.

Never resort to violence or other means simply because you were caught up in the moment. When you act on your plans, you will discover you can handle the situation much calmer and better.

Go Easy on Yourself

No matter how good or competent you are, you’ll become pressured and tired over time. Rather than beat yourself up about feeling this way, remind yourself that you’re human, and it’s perfectly normal. Instead, think of ways to remedy the situation and return to being the competent security guard you are.

Learn to Communicate

Although being a security guard might require you to be tough, communicating how you feel to your employer is essential. If you feel unduly pressured at your workplace, speak to your supervisor or management.

Ask your older colleagues how they handle stress and learn from them. The key is communicating your feelings to get a solution to your problem.

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