Remote Guarding

Our company has embraced modern technology to improve security services. We provide security services assortment through our highly trained specialists in charge of remote video monitoring. With this, incidents can be acted upon in good time to preventing incidents that would have resulted otherwise.

Why Remote Guarding?

Our company’s remote security expertise and smart technology will help in creating an unprecedented efficiency to protect your facility all the time. Our remote guarding services come with various advantages including being cost-effective. Remote video monitoring services will cost a considerably low amount of money compared to having on-side guards who are paid higher wages.

Remote guard services can be used anywhere be whether it is in hazardous sites or remote areas. Our company has highly qualified employees who will help you mount cameras on your facility or premises. Remote guarding can be used as a stand-alone on both temporary and long-term basis. You can also use it together with On-site guarding to create a security program that is customized.

Our integrated guarding solutions include:

  • Remote exit and entry management
  • Remote employee escort
  • Remote alarm response
  • Remote perimeter protection
  • Remote patrol tours
  • Remote lock and unlock
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Fire and intrusion monitoring alarm
  • Dispatch centre and daily security operations
  • Remote vagrant and loitering checks