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We are a company offering various security services. Our employees are highly professional with various distinctive skills and perspectives. We are united through our common goal, which is to safeguard our clients’ property and people. You can join our team if you possess our values that include Vigilance, Integrity, and Helpfulness. Our Mission Here at Montreal Security Services, our missio

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About Us

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The best security services

Mobile Guarding

Mobile Guarding

Montreal Security Services is positioned uniquely to provide you with the best security services whenever you need them. We offer the follow

Remote Guarding

Remote Guarding

Our company has embraced modern technology to improve security services. We provide security services assortment through our highly trained

On-site Guarding Services

On-site Guarding Services

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we provide the right On-site Guarding services you need for your business with the efficiency and


Montreal Security Services offers integrated guarding solutions for all your security needs. Whether you own a school, construction site, mall, or retail store, we have you covered.


Top Six Tips to Ensure Your Children’s Webcam Is Secure from Hackers

This age has witnessed unprecedented technological innovations that were regarded as impossible some decades back. But these innovations come with risks and problems as well. In this article, we will be talking about how to protect your children’s cameras from viruses, spies, and hackers. Due to the digitization of the education sector and virtual learning, even kids use a webcam for virtual classes.
There’s a need for parents and guardians to secure their kids’ webcams from online predators and hackers. Statistics from …

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Smart E-Cigarettes and Their Security Risks

These days, almost every household item uses electronic connections, ranging from smartphones and fridges to television sets and radios. Bargain E-Juice says that smoking cigarettes has also been upgraded to become technologically advanced, and the trend began in the early 2000s.
This is referred to as vaping. This new smoking method has started many discussions on its effects on one’s health. This is because it has been proven it causes heart diseases and cancer.
Smart e-cigarettes have also been known to explode and cause fires when they are connected to a charger. On the …

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Human Resources Jobs

If you are a human resource professional, Montreal Security Services offers great career opportunities for you. There are numerous positions that will help you become part of our growing team.
Apply now if you are seeking or have help positions like:

Human Resources Specialist
Human Resource Generalist/Manager

Operations Jobs
Montreal Security Services has operations staff that is tasked with offering superior customer service. They run their own business and maintain a portfolio.
Some of the operations …

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