Facebook Tips

Social networking is quickly becoming a regular part of our every day lives but are you aware of how much personal details you are revealing to criminals - cyber and otherwise - through this forum?  Things you should never reveal on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and dozens of similar sites include:

* your birth date and place - don't give away your identity to thieves to steal away your financial life and credit.

* vacation plans - post the photos on Facebook when you return if you like but but don't invite criminals to rob your home by telling them specifically when you'll be gone and for how long.
* home address - don't advertise where you live or at the very least, block out strangers with increased privacy settings.

* confessionals - employers commonly peruse social networking sites to determine who to hire (or not) so why add your personal embarrasing details which might reflect negatively on you.

* password clues - leaving clues on your Facebook profile will help criminals steal your identify and login into your online accounts.

* risky behaviours - insurers are increasingly turning to the web to figure out whether their applicants and customers are putting their lives or property at risk, according to Insure.com.

Research provided in a special report by CBS News.


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