Credit Card Safety

Protect your credit cards.  Report lost or stolen credit cards to the card issuer immediately.

Keep a list of your credit card account numbers, expiry dates, and card issuers’ telephone numbers so you can quickly report missing cards.

Buying things online can save time, hassle, and money, but it also requires you to give out personal information that others can use for fraud.  If the company does not use special software to protect your information including your credit cards, order your product by telephone or fax.  Never give out information that isn't necessary to make a purchase.

Use caution when you give your credit card number over the telephone (land line only recommended - not cell phone). Verify that you are dealing with a well-known, reputable company.  Research individuals and companies and question anything that seems too good to be true.

Never volunteer your credit card number to callers who tell you have won a trip, a prize, or are eligible to receive a free gift.  Don't feel pressured to make an immediate decision.  Many con artists (and even some legitimate companies) try to pressure you into spending money immediately. That's often because if you learn more about the product or offer, you will no longer be interested. Most legitimate offers are available for a longer period of time or will be offered again in a few months. It's your money; you should decide when and how you want to spend it.

Remember to report your lost or stolen credit card to your nearest local Police Service and your Credit Card Company immediately.


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