Mental Health Issues

Health Canada states that, "Mental health is a crucial dimension of overall health and an essential resource for living. It influences how we feel, perceive, think, communicate, and understand. Without good mental health, people can be unable to fulfil their full potential or play a active part in everyday life. Mental health issues can address many areas, from enhancing our emotional well-being, treating, and preventing severe mental illness to the prevention of suicide."

The Police recognize that all mental health crises cannot be averted. The earlier the intervention, the less intrusive it is for the individual in crisis.


The basics:

>Remain calm
>Listen to the person in crisis - what they say may hold the information you need to resolve the crisis
>Listening assures the person that you are trying to help them
>Remember your safety - if you are the focus of the person's anxiety, let someone else take the lead
>Reduce distractions - give the person space, turn off the TV or radio, and limit the number of people assisting 


Mental Health Resources

Canadian Mental Health Association (in Sault Ste. Marie 705-759-0458)

Public Health Agency of Canada

Sault Area Hospital (705-759-3434)


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