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Mayor Christian Provenzano,










John Bruno, Provincial Appointee






Councillor Lisa Vezeau-Allen


Rick Webb, Community Appointee








Ian MacKenzie, Provincial Appointee



Appropriate, effective policing is vital so we can all live in safety in our communities. To make sure the people of Ontario have the security they need and expect, the Police Services Act and related regulations set the standards for police services and spell out who is responsible for police services and how they will operate.  It is the goal of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Services Board to govern the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service in accordance with the Police Services Act and to abide by its regulations.  They recognize that for policing in our City and indeed our Province, the core activities of policing include:

1. Prevent crime
2. Enforce our laws
3. Help victims
4. Keep public order
5. Respond to emergencies

Municipalities must also:

6. Provide the police services with the support systems, buildings, and equipment they need so they can carry out their activities.

Additionally, the duties of the Sault Ste. Police Services Board include:

* Appoint members of the Police Service.
* Set objectives and priorities with respect to services after consultation with the Chief.
* Establish policies for the effective management of the Police Service.
* Recruit and appoint the Chief of Police and Deputy Chief of Police

Provincial appointments are made by the Public Appointments Secretariat.

Police Services Board policies, bylaws, and forms can be accessed under FAQ's tab.


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