Forensic Identification Services

The Forensic Identification Unit of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is composed of one Sergeant and two Constables.  All have been fully trained in a broad spectrum of sciences to utilize sophisticated equipment and find, record, gather, analyze, and evaluate physical evidence.

Members of this Unit have attended the forensic identification training provided at the Canadian and/or Ontario Police College and there they have also acquired the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to perform crime scene examinations.  Through demostrations, interactive presentations, hands-on practical exercises, and scenarios, these technical officers have learned to record the scene with the aid of a camera, videos, and plan drawings.  They also learned how to examine and process physical evidence including fingerprints, footwear impressions and tire tracks, determine what evidence is of value, enhance digital images, prepare evidence charts, and present opinion evidence in court.

Additionally, Forensic Identification officers can:

•identify fingerprints and use scientific principles to defend their identification;
•digitally process images;
•prepare evidence charts using image enhancement software;
•photograph a scene using forensic photography techniques;
•use chemicals and/or powders to develop and/or enhance fingerprints on a variety of surfaces;
•locate, recover, and preserve two and three-dimensional impression evidence;
•determine the value of a bloodstain pattern as evidence;
•approach and process different scenes;
•record a scene through video or plan drawings
•prepare to provide opinion evidence; and
•explore various sciences and their applicability to forensic identification.

The Forensic Identification Unit is also responsible for fingerprinting charged persons and those who require prints for employment and volunteer purposes.


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