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Meet Justice...

The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service currently has one handler and one dog in its Canine Unit, Constable Dan Turco and "Justice".  Their very first school visit was to Holy Family School and we invite you to also check out the Service's Face Book page for photos.

Police K-9 dogs are chosen for their physical ability, strength, and intelligence.  A strong temperament is very important as these dogs are expected to perform in often stressful situations.  Police Service dogs are trained in tracking, area and building searches, suspect apprehension, and handler protection.  Some are also trained to detect narcotics.  Our Canine Unit is on-call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  

Our Canine Unit is assigned to the Patrol Services Division and they respond to calls for service similar to all uniform patrol officers.  In addition the Canine Unit will assist in as many priority calls as their availability will permit including alarms, serious domestics, suspicious persons, warrant execution, and all instances in which canine support has been requested.

While these are highly-trained and assertive animals, they are able to interact with the public. The Canine Unit attends many public functions, like Police Week in May, and school presentations each year in which we showcase the abilities of our canine partners and inform the public of their importance.

The first grade school to receive a visit from Justice and Constable Turco was Holy Family School on February 19, 2013.



Do you know the name of the first ever police trained dog to join the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service's Canine Unit? 

It was "Eagle".  In partnership with the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Eagle joined the Police Service in 1998 and passed away in 2004.


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